Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy [Finished] – Version: Steam

When your father goes off on an adventure, it’s up to you to keep the lights on and take care of your sister. Living in a fantasy world, it’s always been your dream to grow up to be a famous adventurer just like your father. Reality proves to be more boring than fiction, however, as your days are mostly spent doing odd jobs for the villagers. With your friends by your side, you enter the Tournament of the Eights and strive for something greater: the chance to become the top guild in the country. Will you realize your ambitions, or will your hopes slip through your fingers and doom you to a life of monochrome monotony?

Game Description


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Release Date: 23 March, 2024

Game Size: 530.7 MB

Censorship: Uncensored

Game Engine: Wolf RPG

Current Game Version: Steam (Finished)

System Requirements

  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 530.7 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Install Guide

  • Extract and play.


Download Links

Walkthrough and Guide


Full Decensored Mod for v1.4: FILEKNOTANONZIP

Full Decensored Mod Installation: Extract and replace into your game folder


Godly Brother Mod Installation:

  • Extract ZIP File
  • Replace Data folder to Game Root
  • Enjoy!!

Godly Brother Mod Features:

Godly Brother includes a cheat menu that is present when interacting with your imouto.

This menu features:

  • Allows you to give yourself items in the game for free.
  • Allows you to basically have full control on some aspects of the game.
  • Allows you to return to the game title

Money Bug Fix (Easier Money) Kagura Steam Version: FILEKNOTANONZIP

Money Bug Fix (Easier Money) Fan Translation Version: FILEKNOTANONZIP

Daseson's Color Mod: FILEKNOTANONZIP

How to use Daseson's Color Mod: YOUTUBE

How to perform a manual installation with 7zip or Winrar if you have problems with the installer: YOUTUBE

Daseson's Color Mod Features: Coloring mod made by fans for fans, compatible with FFFOX mod.

If you have the game downloaded from Steam you can see how to install the mod: FILEKNOTANONZIP

Wolf Extrac Installation: Wolf Extrac: For this installation you will need a program to unzip the .wolf files


FFFox Mod Installation:

1. Download the base game JP ver 1.4 or later, or Kagura's ver 1.0 or later.

2. Unpack the ‘.wolf' game files into individual folders if your game is still encrypted (if needed, you can use ‘WolfDec)

2b. Move all the old ‘.wolf' files into a separate backup folder.

3. Drop the contents of the zip folders into the base game's folder, overwriting the old files. If you don't get an overwrite request, then the mod has been installed incorrectly.

FFFox Mod Features:

Current Features:

–Kitsune transformation, with a Kitsune version sister for all images

–Magic Spells for your imouto to utilize

–Intimately bathing your imouto, and begging in the tub if frustrated

–Sex over the toilet after rushing in on your imouto

–Pajamas change option after bath (doesn't affect nighttime sex)

–11 new pajamas to unlock and find

–Rock, Paper, Scissors minigame added (find pudding while shopping)

–Eating out expansion (increasingly higher playtime while eating out)

–Masturbation at night added (go to tuck her in)

–Virgin ‘proof' added in

–Abstinence play for cowgirl position

–Overall improvements to the cowgirl position

–Candlelight feature for the night scenes

–Morning wood treatment (if sister not frustrated)

–Boxer Thief progression (affects a certain random event as well)

–Improved Panty Flashing and Undressing

–Added items to affect nightplay

–Three added endings to the game

–Payday bugs in base game fixed

–Translation improvements for all sex scenes

–Other small translation improvements

–Other small additions (check tips in-game)

FFFox Mod  Cheats:

The mod now supports an in-game menu. Just enter that famous gamer cheat code while in-game, and access a full menu of different cheats. Some are possible game breaking, so be warned. Comes with a special symbol for all users.

P.S. If you really can't figure it out, just message me if you really want to know the code.


WolfDec Installation: It may need latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables installed and requires Windows 8.1+ x64.

Cheat Table (CE) Shades Translation: FILEKNOTANONZIP


Cheat Table (CE) Installation:

– Install Cheat Engine if you don't have it installed yet (From Be careful when doing it as it can potentially install unwanted programs, so read every pop-up that appears during installation carefully. Cheat engine should already have an included tutorial that shows up the first time you open it, but I will keep explaining the process as the built-in tutorial doesn't explain how to open and use external cheat tables, I think.

– Extract one of the zip files attached below (Depending on wich version of the game you have). I recommend extracting the .CT file (aka cheat table) to some convenient folder like the game folder itself or desktop.

– Double click on the .CT file to open it with Cheat Engine.

– Open the game itself, then select the game on the process list on cheat engine (top left), open, and keep the current adress list once the the pop-up shows. Click on the boxes beside “Imouto”, “Inventory”, etc. to expand the list.

– Double click on the values to change them.

– Profit.

– Note: Checking the variable boxes (When they are marked with an X) means that specific value is locked until it is unckecked.