Misha’s Incident [Finished] – Version: 2024-02-18

Misha, a 23-year-old girl without roots, morals, or a stable income, suddenly realizes she can’t keep living off micro-loans forever, especially when debt collectors come knocking at her door. In her pursuit of wealth, she encounters a strange new world with peculiar organizations, people, and other beings.Will you accept the challenge of this bizarre world or decide to sell your innocence, or perhaps seek more astonishing ways to make a living? Fate might await you in a random elevator or in tarot readings from a certain scammer.

Game Description


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Release Date: 18 February, 2024

Game Size: 879.0 MB

Censorship: Uncensored

Game Engine: RPGM

Current Game Version: 2024-02-18 (Finished)

System Requirements

  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 879.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Install Guide

  • Extract and run.


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Walkthrough and Guide


Decided to stop being lazy and make a guide for this game (or walkthrough, don't know the difference).

So, I used this guide to get the endings in this site made by zetllafo, but it's kind of lacking, so I will try making a more detailed one (in case something is lacking here too, ask, so I can uptade it)

Anyways, I will make it from the most covinient ending to the most incovinient one, and you can do all of them in one playthrough (but it's quite difficult, as you won't be able to get enough money and get all sex scenes in the time limit [though, I discovered a way of getting past the time limit that I will say at the end. It let you solve both of the problems, but will lock you of all the endings but the normal one, where you need money to pay you debts])

Oh, and I'm gonna put a map from the game here so you all can use to search for the places I say

After the intro finish:

1 = Come out of the apartment and go right

2 = Enter the bus

3 = When you reach your destination, go up and enter the building

4 = Go to the 5º floor and enter the room (the elevator is usable, just enter it while you're at the arrow on the floor and interact with the left side of the door)

After some talk with Varya you will be taken to work with her, just take anything on the left part of the room and give to her, and there will be some more talk again. When the talk ends, you will be at the cafe, go to the bus and go back home to rest on the bed (note: on the map you can go from the kvass part to the bus part on the map, but it's separated in this map). With this, there will be some more dialogue and you will end the dialogue at the collectors


Yeah, just keep sleeping until after the 15º day, quite easy. Though, it is the bad ending, so yeah, good luck in letting the protagonist be killed


This is the fastest ending you can do in this game, finishing in the 1º day in the morning, and the best to do first, as the protagonist can't have sex to be able to do this ending

1 = Go to the bathhouse

2 = Talk to the guy with ninja clothes inside the bathhouse, he will give you a special beer and 1000 money for completing his quest

3 = Go further in the bathhouse and talk with the guy next to the door, he will ask you to get a towel with the woman in the reception (and get the beer in the drink machine beside him to fast things up)

4 = The receptionist will ask who's the party of, go back to the guy and then come back at the reception

5 = With the towel now, the guy will take you to a sauna

6 = Go left and talk to the same guy, now give him the special beer

(You can't have sex, but the scene in the up right part of the sauna can be seen, and is recommend as you will receive for playing it)

7 = After coming out of the sauna, talk to the ninja guy again and he will give you money and a code

8 = Go to the complex and try to ride the elevator, then talk to the guy that appear after it

9 = Go home and go to the computer, buy the secretary cloth and go to the delivery place (don't need to rest for it)

10 = Go to the elevator in the complex again and choose any floor, it will ask you the code that the ninja gave you (1246) and it will take you to a floor where the ninja guy is waiting you, talk to him

11 = After some talk, it will give you a key and ask you to go to the floor 4º of the complex

12 = In the room, there is a box that will give you a note asking you to search things in the trash (after completing the quest, come back to get a magazine in it)

13 = In the guide that I was using, said that it was needed the poisoned apple, I don't remember it being used, but in any case, go get it in the dumpster near the entrance of the alley besides the cafe (the item is behind of the cafe in the map)

14 = Get the truth bottle in the dumpster near the collectors place

15 = Go to Eden, it is in the complex, go to the 9º floor, enter the room, go though the path and after coming out of another room, you will use the elevator (if you unequipped the secretary clothes, equip it, this time it doesn't equip it automatically)

16 = After going to the 13º floor, go south, and go to the end of the room, talk to the librarian until she give you a envelop (it is necessary to avoid a fight and get a sex scene)

17 = Get out of the library, go up (talk to the grandma in the hallway to give a fast acess to eden in the cafe), in the end of the hallway, enter the door and talk to the doctor

18 = After a dialogue, get the item in the right of the room and talk to the doctor again (it isn't necessary, but it's needed for some others sex scenes)

19 = Get out and come back to where the elevator is, you will have 2 options, to fight or to give the envelop (fight is impossible in the 1º day because you didn't train once), if you gave the envelop, go to the library again for some sex scene (it isn't the protagonist, so you won't be locked of this ending)

20 = Come back to the meeting place at the elevator complex

21 = Talk to Halzan

Now you have finished this ending, and you can do the other endings and make the protagonist fuck as much you want, or just sleep until past the 15º day and choose the option to call Halzan to see the ending… I don't know if you are working to a cringy place or the translator made it look like that, but… well… good luck


For this, you will need a minimum 4235 money to get the ending, 301 needed to be used at the start and 4938 at the end

1 = Go buy the long island cocktail and 1 brick (or more bricks in case you don't have the patience to keep loading and repeating an action) in the trader place

(If you didn't do the trader quest, he will ask you to buy a 5 liter package, just go buy it and bring to him)

2 = With the cocktail, go to Varya at night without being tired, go to the bus and choose Pyatishka

3 = After some dialogue, you will be at the collectors dump, just go to Pyatishka bus station, and this time, go left to another map in the middle of nowhere

4 = in that part, you have to search for a bright path in the up parts, in the middle of the trees (it is quite near the entrance from the Pyatishka bus station)

5 = Save and keep trying throwing the brick at the hole, you will need a d20 for this (there is a game over for a d1 and d2, so saving is really necessary)

6 = After you throw the brick at the hole, talk to Varya

7 = Wait for the day 5

8 = Go to Eden

9 = There's a elder at the right part of the place, talk to him and he will ask you to bring somethings

10 = First will be a toilet paper that you can buy at the shop

11 = Second will be a Kvass bottle

12 = Third will be a Koreg's teeth that you can buy at the trader

(I recommend to buy then all and then go talk to the elder)

13 = After giving all three of them, the elder will feel sick, go talk to the nurse at the hallway to the doctor (do not talk to her behind her, it crashes the game)

14 = Go back to where the elder was, take the lower floor card and go to the elevator

15 = Go right, enter the hole and talk to the goblins

16 = Go to the trader

17 = Eat the thing on the floor (it will give a great strenght boost)

18 = If you are in the morning, I recommend buying some health items and training to get some abilities, if you didn't get any abilities previously, and do something too at the night, as you will come back tired after.

19 = Go back to the lower floor and back to the place where you talked to the goblins. The place isn't big, so I will let you to explore. You just need to find 2 chests together, one having both a key and 2000 money, and a place where you jump from rock to rock and go to the end of it to talk to a goblin girl, choose to not help (it crashes to me if I help) (and don't try to go to the dark room, you will be stuck [not in a sexy way]. At least save first)

20 = After some talk with varya, go rest

21 = Do something in the morning and the go Varya place in the night while not tired, you will receive 5000

22 = Go to the 9º floor, in the place of the elevator to Eden, there is a door, interact with it and you will be in a museum

23 = Talk to the guy and buy a painting for 10000 money

24 = Go talk to Varya

And more one ending done, again, just do other endings or just sleep until past the 15º day, and then choose to call Varya. Well, now you're part of the family, I guess


Well, this one is for paying all your debt. I don't thing I need to make a guide for this, but as advise, the most paying job is the anal gloryhole. For some reason, after the first time you view the anal scene, you need to choose the normal gloryhole and view the scene, or you will receive 1000 instead of 1500. After having 30000, just go to the money collectors and pay them(And for me, the ending is crashing, though it let me open the menu and quit to the main menu)


Okay, for this one, it is extremaly recommended doing the Factory ending, at least until you eat what the goblins throw in the floor, you will need that strenght boost. And if you wish to have both endings available, it's the best completing factory first. I was locked out of this ending because you will suffer nightmares after you encounter with Taboo, and this prioritize one dialogue of the nightmare with Varya, making impossible giving the painting. I don't know if you will be able to give the painting after finishing this quest, so do the factory ending before.

And another warning, there's a time limit of 3-4 days after starting this quest, and it can lower to 1 day after a part of the quest.

You have to find all 6 Taboo's magazine, I'm lazy as hell to search again for all of them to point the exact directions, so I will just say the code you need. But if I remember right, the most difficult ones to find, is the one in the right of the Pyatishka bus station, in the up part, in the middle of the trees, close to the entrance too. And another is in the sewers, in a closed hole with planks, you can open it in the 6º day after getting an instrument with the guy in the train rail. And how to get to the sewers I'll explain next

Okay, with all that said:

1 = Before the 5º day (or whatever day you wish to do this quest) you need to let the thief in that is running in circles close to the trader and delivery place attack you 4 times, one time each day. If you start the taboo quest before it, you will have a great difficult to complete it because you can't get a important item

2 = After being attacked 4 times, buy a match with the trader and walk to the open garage on the right of the trader, and then, just walk left, you will fall in a hole behind of the garage.

3 = Walk right, then up, you will see a candle, light it

4 = Go back and enter a hole in the sewer with the arrow to interect (the other one with the planks is game over) you will have 3 holes after to enter again, first with planks (you receive something that I don't remember), second is a game over, and the third is the one you must go

5 = Light the other candle and take the map on the statue

6 = On the 5º day, when you are the way to the collectors, you will hear lightings. Go to the upper part of the city, where there's is this orphanage, or church.

7 = There's a new guy in there, talk to him and he will die, you will take the taro card automatically

8 = Go to Eden, in the library on the left of the entrance there'll be a jester, talk to him

(From here, you will start the Taboo quest, so be sure that you have done everything you wished before starting)

9 = Go to the trader and ask a taro reading

10 = Go to your house (you can't and shouldn't teletransport), in front of your apartment, you will have some dialogue

11 = I don't know if you need, but sleep for the day

12 = Go to the delivery place, and in that strange door in the part below, insert the code 14942588

13 = SAVE BEFORE ENTERING, you easily can get a game over here

14 = After some dialogue, choose to run, and always try to go right. She will appear in your front a lot of times, but try to evade her

15 = There'll be a door after some running, enter it. You're now is in a maze, and the map you got in the statue will guide you (and no need to worry, Taboo isn't following you anymore)

16 = There's some items marked on the map, it will help you in a fight ahead, but if you ate the thing in the goblin quest, you don't need to worry much about getting the items

17 = When you reach the destination on the other side, you will fight a monster, so save if you aren't sure of yours skills

18 = And save after the fight too, up ahead, there'll be some dialogue and 2 options to choose, one lead to an immediate ending, and the other you will be brought back to the normal world and have to do one more thing (And you have to do on the same day, if you sleep, you'll get a game over)

19 = Go to the trader and buy anything

You have done the ending, just wait past the 15º day and call Taboo to get the ending. And good job, intead of killing a thousand people with the first option, you choosed to traumatize millions instead


For this glitch, you will need to use the monster in the elevator, so don't buy the talisman, or at least don't use it

It is quite easy, wait for the 15º day, and instead of sleeping, go to the elevator and input the wrong code, the elevator monster will rape you and you will jump the kidnapping scene, and after it, you can sleep normally, the scene only happen on the start of the 16º day

This let you extend the time limit of the Taboo quest too, but it doesn't work in the last day, so if you have talked to her in the mirror or have already fought the monster and talked to her, you have to end the quest in the same day

Sorry for bad grammar, I reviewed it all, but probably will let some something slide. Although, if you don't understand my english, sorry, but you will have a great problem with this game.