The Book of Nude [Ongoing] – Version: 0.2 Ch. 2

“Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein…” Due to lazy writing and a speeding truck, Our Heroine finds herself transported, isekai style, into a fantasy-rpg world. Armed with just her wits and plus size boobies, she needs to face orcs, dragons, tentacle monsters and a slew of horny NPC. Luckily, thanks to some haphazard attributes min-maxing, she very well might be the most overpowered character in existence… … even if she can’t use any items (like clothes). The Book of Nude is an illustrated, virtual choose-your-own-adventure game-book… about a game. It’s meta, all the way down.

Game Description


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Release Date: 11 September, 2023

Game Size: 174.0 MB

Censorship: Uncensored

Game Engine: Others

Current Game Version: 0.2 Ch. 2 (Ongoing)

System Requirements

  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 174.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Install Guide

  • (HTML version, PC, Mac, Linux)
  • 1. Extract zip, open index.html in your favorite browser.
  • 2. ???
  • 3. Profit
  • (exe version, Windows PC ONLY)
  • 1. Extract zip, double click on Book_of_nude.exe
  • 2. (see 2. and 3. in HTML version)
  • (HTML version Android)
  • OPTION 1 (using FileManager+):
  • 1. Extract zip
  • 2. Using FileManager+, open the index.html file and select the ‘Chrome (http)' option (or other browser of choice)
  • Note: Internal/Auto saves may vanish after restarting the device, use ‘Save to File…' option
  • OPTION 2 ( needs access to Android/data/ folder):
  • 1. Extract the zip into Android/data/
  • 2. Open Chrome and navigate to file:///sdcard/Android/data/ and click on index.html
  • 2a. If Chrome shows search result instead of the file navigator – make a bookmark and edit the url to point to file:///sdcard/Android/data/
  • Note: May not work exactly like that on some versions of Android. can be replaced with something else, if you want to use a different browser (eg: com.kiwibrowser.browser for Kiwi)
  • OPTION 3 (Install as PWA):
  • 1. Open index.html as in OPTION 1
  • 2. Use the ‘Install' option in the browsers' menu. This will create a desktop/homescreen icon that you can use to start the game.
  • OPTION 4 (play online):
  • 1. ???
  • Note: Not currently available online!


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